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At Associated Reporting & Video, perfection is the standard we measure ourselves against.
That means we do it right the first time.  Every time.


We lead by example. Andrea’s attainment of the highest credentials the court reporting field has to offer, sets the standard for our staff of professional reporters.  Our wide experience includes high-profile cases of national significance, as well as an ongoing assignment in a unique national security setting: the military tribunals at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

At Associated Reporting & Video, we know what standard we must live up to: the highest standard! That translates into the best service available anywhere.  Our skill set, credentials, and unique experience set us apart. Give us a call. You’ll notice the difference!

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Reading transcripts into the record at trial is tedious.  Let witnesses speak for themselves when you play back their videotaped deposition to the jury. ARV will edit your videos as ordered by the judge for seamless courtroom playback.

We’ll handle litigation support for you, start to finish. We have the technology and the know-how.

It makes a difference.

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Videoconferencing offers a practical solution to deposing witnesses offsite.  Less travel for you, less expense, same result.

Connect all parties with high-quality video using a traditional videoconference setup, or keep it simple and use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone display. Your option.

Meet instantly with anyone, anywhere. We’ll set it up for you.

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You’re familiar with on-site realtime displayed in the room on a tablet or laptop.  That realtime service is available via the Internet (“streaming realtime”) so that anyone, anywhere can see the same realtime you are seeing.

Associated Reporting & Video boasts the highest-quality realtime in Idaho.  That means near-flawless realtime streaming to your laptop or tablet during the deposition, and a 99% accurate PDF draft transcript emailed to you in less than an hour.  It’s readable!  It’s accurate!  It’s all there!  You’ll notice the difference.

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