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PreTrial Witness

Experience our HD video system

Videography captures the imagination — AND THE JURY’S ATTENTION

Our experienced videographers capture deposition audio and video that’s crisp and clear, with no glitches that might distract a jury’s attention.

It’s a multi-media world, and we do it all: video depositions, drone footage, day-in-the-life videos, evidentiary video clips, pretrial witness preparation.

We use the latest high-definition cameras and audio recording equipment.  No microphones to wear.  No tapes to change.  A footprint so compact you’ll hardly know we’re there.  It’s simply the best. 

We have the latest, most unobtrusive high-tech equipment available.

Our videographer will set up quickly on-site for your deposition.  Very little space is needed.  Audio is captured through tabletop microphones so there’s no wired mic clipped to your clothing.  You’re free to move, unencumbered!  No tapes or media to change.  Our digital cameras record directly to a digital file so there’s no need to stop throughout the day to change media.  Our videographer monitors the whole process, quietly and discreetly in the background. 

Remote Videography

Expect more from ARV

Our innovative, state-of-the-art remote video system produces a trial-quality recording of the witness in a full-screen headshot with no other participants visible. Just as you’d expect. 

The ARV advantage?  The right video platform supported by our professionally trained and credentialed videographers.  The result?  A perfectly captured picture-in-picture video for playback at trial. 

Streamlining exhibit and document presentation during a deposition is an art.  Our videographers will keep the witness headshot in every screen.  Picture-in-picture technology done by an experienced videographer gets you the professional results you require.

Video evidence

Our experienced videographers do more than provide still-shot video of deposition testimony.

Construction sites and layouts
On-site workplace conditions
Product demonstrations
Witness interviews
Accident reconstruction
Day-in-the-life presentations
Video documentation of IMEs
Mediation and settlement videos            Site inspections
Facility tour

Video Synchronization

Select the excerpts of a video deposition you want to play at trial.  ARV will synchronize the deposition transcript with the video so that you simply point and click – and the video begins playing at the selected page/line number.  Really.  It’s that easy.

ARV’s video staff will edit your videos for seamless courtroom playback.

  • Edit the video to remove objections/colloquy.
  • Create video clips of specific testimony.
  • Caption the video so the jury can read along.

All videos are compatible with Sanction, LiveNote, CaseMap, TrialDirector, Summation, TrialPad, PowerPoint, and other trial presentation software.


Video capture of construction sites, accident locations, workplace conditions, physical hazards.

Drone footage — an exciting addition to your evidentiary armamentarium.  The jury will love it!

PRETRIAL Witness Prep

Video is versatile.

Record crucial testimony of your witness before she takes the stand at trial. Play the video back and critique it with her.  How better to fine-tune her testimony presentation?