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The Art of War
Sun Tzu

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”


Creating the best impression possible for your presentation.  That’s the game plan.

ARV Dynamic, our suite of cutting-edge case strategy tools, is your technology backbone.

Strategy, tactics, presentation?  Your call.  Technology?  That’s what we know.
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1. a force that stimulates change and influences growth, interaction, and activity within a system or process.

In-Person &
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Data Analysis

TRIAL presentation

Technical expertise is earned, not bestowed.

Trial technicians (also known as hot-seat operators) are a valuable member of any trial team.  They provide technology know-how and keep a cool head in the sometimes stressful courtroom environment.

Our in-the-courtroom trial experience means your team can have a technology expert on-site to assure a glitch-free presentation.

Our certified trial technicians travel with you, provide the necessary equipment and professional setup.

  • Cue the video deposition playbacks and multimedia exhibits
  • Create clips from depositions and synchronize video and transcripts on-the-fly
  • Store, transport, and organize key evidence so it can be called up instantly

ARV trial technicians – your secret weapon.  Invite us to join your trial team.   

Multi-Media Design

We offer hands-on, expert assistance in creating effective demonstrative exhibits, evidence displays, and PowerPoint slides for trials, mediations, settlement statements — anywhere you need state-of-the-art technology to complement your case presentation.  We offer a reassuring “personal touch” in the digital age to make the technology work for you and your client.

Multi-media content that grabs attention, drives conversation, and engages viewers. 


Video Evidence

There’s a reason a picture is worth a thousand words.  


Show the jury what you’re talking about.

ARV’s videographers go beyond the point-and-shoot deposition environment.  Use drone footage to impress the jury with construction site views, crash scenes, recorded site inspections and more.  Get creative!

PRETRIAL Witness Prep

Video is versatile.  

Record crucial testimony of your witness before she takes the stand at trial. Play the video back and critique it with her.  How better to fine-tune her testimony presentation?

In-Depth Data Analysis

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