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Focus Groups

A strategic goldmine

What walks of life will the actual jurors in your trial come from?  What will be their backgrounds, their demographics, their biases?

You can try out your arguments before a focus group or put on a full presentation before a mock jury. What arguments of yours swayed the “jurors” (or focus group)?  What arguments were not convincing? What a valuable tool to fine-tune your strategy!

Focus group members are anxious to be helpful.  You’ll learn their first impressions, hear them critique your presentation, your style, assess the facts – everything about the case you plan to put before the jury.  It’s an advantage you won’t want to pass up!

Focus Groups 2.0

Traditionally, focus groups vet your finished presentation just before trial.  That’s enormously helpful – but Dynamic is so much more than that.  Don’t wait until the eve of trial.  Find out where you stand with potential jurors as you are developing your trial strategy.

the dynamic paradigm

Dynamic incorporates tradition
but goes well beyond it

Why not use focus groups as your strategic partners throughout the development of your case?  Don’t wait until the eve of trial to find out that your carefully crafted strategy isn’t cutting it.  Use the focus group model as you develop your strategy!  You may be surprised to learn which points of yours hit home and which fall flat.  The meaningful input you’ll receive from focus groups along the way gives you time to rethink strategy, construct a convincing narrative of your client’s story – and walk into the courtroom with the best presentation possible for your client.

Our Dynamic model provides you a crucial after-action report.  You’ll receive vital feedback in the form of a report that lays out the carefully phrased questions we asked of the focus group members and their responses, together with our detailed analysis that examines their choice of language, what arguments/facts/theories they found important, what it was that led them to their conclusions  – just the insight you need to craft the narrative that best serves your client’s case.

The Dynamic focus group.
your potential jury.
The greatest resource you never knew you had!

the dynamic Conference Center

Our Executive Conference Center is the ideal space to host focus groups, both in-person and virtual sessions.   Watch and listen to the conversation in real time as our focus groups deliberate.  You’ll also have the option to record their discussions for later review.

  • Confirm your strategy:  Focus group feedback provides valuable insight about the effectiveness of your evidentiary presentation.
  • Witness preparation:  A mock trial run-through is great witness prep!
  • Document presentation:  Are your visual aids understandable and is your explanation comprehensible?
  • Opening and closing statements:  What did the focus group find convincing?  What arguments didn’t sway them?
  • How much is the case worth?  Let a focus group tell you before trial or mediation.

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