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Mock Jury Deliberations

You can try your case before you find yourself in front of a judge and jury. ARV’s Executive Conference Center is the perfect space to conduct focus groups and mock jury trials. Watch and listen in real time as your mock jury deliberates or record their discussions to review as you prepare for trial.

The Benefits of Focus Groups

  • Pre-Mediation: How much does an unbiased jury think the case is worth?
  • Test evidence and trial themes by presenting your entire case as a mock trial.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on a specific set of facts.
  • Prepare witnesses to testify in front of a jury and gain valuable insight into the impression your witnesses leave.
  • Get unbiased feedback on your opening or closing statement.


ARV’s a la carte menu of services allows you to customize your focus group to fit the unique goals, objectives, and budget of each individual case.