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We have the latest, most unobtrusive high-tech equipment available.
No microphones to wear.  No tapes to change.  A footprint so compact you’ll hardly know we’re there.  It’s simply the best.
Depo in a doctor’s office?  Depo in a large conference room?  No problem!  No matter the size of the space, we have you covered.

Deposition Videography

Videography captures the witness’ testimony — all of it.  The jury sees the witness and hears the testimony just as it was given.  Pictures and words — much more effective than reading testimony from a printed transcript into the trial record.

Our videographers capture the image and the sound with the latest high-definition cameras and audio recording equipment.

Our videographer will set up quickly on-site for your deposition.  Very little space is needed.  Audio is captured through tabletop microphones.  No wired mic clipped to your clothing.  You’re free to move, unencumbered!  No tapes or media to change every hour or so.  Our digital cameras record directly to a digital file so there’s no need to stop throughout the day to change media.  Our videographer monitors the whole process, quietly and discreetly in the background.


Welcome to videography the way it should be done!

Legal Videography

It’s not just for depositions.
  • Accident reconstruction
  • On-site evidence recording
  • Product demonstrations
  • Construction videos
  • Site inspections
  • Facility tours
  • Witness interviews
  • Mediation and settlement videos
  • Day-in-the-life presentations
  • Documentation of IMEs

Video Synchronization

Select the excerpts of a video deposition you want to play at trial.  ARV will synchronize the deposition transcript with the video so that you simply point and click – and the video begins playing at the selected page/line number.  Really.  It’s that easy.

ARV’s talented video staff will edit your videos as ordered by the judge for seamless courtroom playback.

  • Edit the video to remove objections/colloquy.
  • Create video clips of specific testimony.
  • Caption the video so the jury can read along.

All videos are compatible with Sanction, LiveNote, CaseMap, TrialDirector, Summation, TrialPad, PowerPoint, and other trial presentation software.