Remote Litigation Logistics

ARV’s Virtual Mediation solution

Conduct mediations remotely and continue moving your cases forward.

Each virtual meeting room is 100% private and secure.

ARV’s mediation facillitators are able to easily move the medaitor in and out of virtual meeting rooms to confere with each party.

Connect as many parties as you wish to each virtual meeting room.

Create as many virtual meeting rooms as needed to accommodate all parties.

If some of the parties wish to attend in person, they can attend effortlessly from ARV’s Executive Conference Center.

You will notice the difference when you work with our team of experts. 

Depositions and other large virtual proceedings

At ARV, we specialize in handling logistics for large multiparty depositions and proceedings. 

Give your undivided attention to your client and the case at hand.  Let ARV handle the logistics.

ARV will handle:

  • Scheduling and distribution of videoconference connection information to all parties.
  • Testing of equipment for all parties prior to the deposition or hearing.
  • Electronic marking, sharing, and annotation of exhibits. 
  • Remote streaming realtime to all parties to ensure that testimony is being heard and taken down accurately.
  • Trial-quality remote videography ensures that the witness’ face is the ONLY face captured in the videotaped deposition.
  • Picture-in-Picture remote videography allows display of exhibits while still being able to see the witness testify in the corner of the screen.
  • Use of private virtual meeting rooms to allow counsel to confidentially confere with their client face-to-face during breaks.
  • Full-service IT support during the entire proceeding should anyone experience a problem with their connection.
  • Knowledgeable court reporters and support staff who know the VTC platform inside and out and can easily troubleshoot any issues immediately.


Virtual Arbitrations & Hearings

Do some of the parties wish to attend the mediation in person while some wish to attend remotely?

Hold your next Mediation at ARV’s Executive Conference Center.

The perfect location for socially-distanced proceedings, combo of in-personand virtual proceedings, video conference technology in every space.  

We are there if you need us.

ARV’s hearing facilitator works in the background throughout the entire proceeding to :

  • Coordinate with scheduled witnesses and bring them in and out of the virtual hearing room when needed.
  • Manage marking and display of exhibits
  • Create private virtual meeting rooms for the parties to confer during breaks.
  • Provide tech support from start to finish to ensure that the process flows smoothly for everyone involved.

We understand the technology so you don’t have to. 

Need a combination of In-person and Remote attendance?

Conduct socially-distanced mediations from the safety and confort of our large confernce center in Downtown Boise. 

12 spacious conference rooms, all equiped with state-of-the-art videoconference technology to easily accommodate hybrid in-person/remote mediations

Everyone can join the mediation in the way they are most comfortable, including the mediator.

Hold your next mediation at ARV’s Executive Conference Center

Meeting digitally should be

Beautiful & Simple