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Andrea, owner and operator of Associated Reporting & Video since May 1, 2015, began her career at age 16 (don’t ask!) and has more than 18 years’ experience as a freelance reporter, captioner, and CART provider.  In 2013 Andrea won the championship trophy at the Pacific Northwest Speed Contest, a three-part contest with a top speed of Q&A at 270 words per minute! Andrea also walked away with three silver medals in 2014 and 2015 at the Pacific Northwest Realtime Contests.

In 2014 Andrea achieved her RDR (Registered Diplomate Reporter), the most exacting certification exam offered by the National Court Reporters Association — a credential held by only four reporters in the state of Idaho.  In addition to her Idaho CSR certification, Andrea’s national professional certifications include the RPR (Registered Professional Reporter), RMR (Registered Merit Reporter), CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter), and CRC (Certified Realtime Captioner).

For nearly 20 years Andrea has been an active member of the National Court Reporters Association. She also served as president of the Idaho Court Reporters Association from 2017-2019.

Andrea’s passion is to deliver to the bench and bar the best in court reporting.  Every time.  She thrives on challenges, taking on tough assignments locally in Boise, around the country, and internationally.  (Oh, yes, her bags are packed, passport ready.  International assignments are exciting — and welcome!)


Litigation Support Specialist

Sladja joined ARV in July of 2018, bringing with her 15+ years of executive customer service experience. Although she had limited exposure to litigation in her previous employment, she was enthusiastic and excited to begin a new adventure. While her position at ARV as a litigation support specialist is much more than meets the eye and involves a wide variety of tasks, her primary objective is to provide the best customer experience possible for all of ARV’s clients, no matter the request or the deadline. Sladja loves helping others solve problems and never backs away from a challenge, no matter how big or small.

Executive Conference Center Director

Through her experience as a freelance court reporter, Abigail developed a passion and deep appreciation for the complex strategy of litigation. Since August 2019, she has served as the director of ARV’s Executive Conference Center, devoting her time and attention to the client experience by facilitating both in-person and remote mediations, hearings, and arbitrations. Abigail also serves as Case Strategist for ARV Dynamic, helping litigators identify creative and innovative ways to elevate their case strategy and to leverage cutting-edge technology to give them the upper hand and the ability to predict and achieve successful outcomes in every case.

In December 2020, Abigail completed an intensive focus group moderator course, equipping her with the tools to make focus groups in the legal arena just as effective as they are in the marketing and advertising sectors. Her unique training and perspective provide Dynamic’s clients with the opportunity to gain valuable insight about their case as a whole and, perhaps more importantly, how to effectively communicate the facts of their case to judges, mediators, and juries.