Apply to a Focus Group

What is a legal focus group?
A legal focus group is a group of people, hopefully representative of potential jurors, assembled to hear issues, facts, or arguments relating to a lawsuit and provide critical feedback that will assist trial lawyers in making appropriate decisions throughout the course of their case.
Who is the ideal legal focus group participant?
Anyone! We need participants of all ages, income levels, with varied work experience, and different perspectives. Focus groups are great for stay-at-home moms who want to earn a little extra money here and there or for retirees who want to keep their minds active. We need students and professionals, men and women, young and…not so young. Everyone has something valuable to offer.
If I apply, am I obligated to participate in a certain number of focus groups?
Absolutely not! Once you register, you will be entered into our database of potential mock jury members. When a focus group opportunity becomes available in your area, you will receive an email from ARV letting you know the date, time, location of the focus group, and how long it will last (half day or full day). All you have to do is click “Yes, I’m available,” or “Sorry, not this time.” Only choose to participate in groups that fit your schedule. There is no obligation and no long-term commitment.
Do you have to live in Boise to register?
No! We need people from the entire state! Coeur d’Alene to Boise to Idaho Falls and everywhere in between. Large cities, small towns. No matter where you live, we need YOU!
What if I don’t currently live in Idaho but am planning to move there in the near future?
At this time, ARV is seeking participants who currently live in the state of Idaho. As soon as you are an Idaho resident, please make sure to reach out and apply!

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