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Remote Videoconferencing

You know you've done it. Buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room and a car, travel for hours to conduct a deposition in a conference room hundreds of miles away. An eight-hour deposition suddenly becomes a two or three-day affair. Well, not anymore. Now all it takes is one phone call to your litigation support experts at Associated Reporting & Video, and you can conduct depositions, witness preparation meetings, consulting, and more from the comfort of your own office.

It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Step 1:

Associated will contact all parties to ensure they have the appropriate technology.

Step 2:

The day before your deposition, Associated will perform a test with each location and e-mail log-in information to each participant.

Step 3:

On the day of the deposition, all participants will sign in via their computer or other internet-connected device, and Associated will provide all necessary tech support.

In-House Videoconferencing

Need a conference room locally to hold your deposition or meeting? Utilize our state-of-the-art videoconference suite conveniently located at our office in downtown Boise at the newly-renovated Owyhee Plaza.