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The Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry mobile and Windows mobile applications are free to download and use for ShareFile users

Enjoy the ease and security of our user-friendly online file sharing! With ShareFile, you can share files up to 10 GB in just a few clicks. And unlike email and FTP, which transmit your sensitive data in clear text for anyone to see, ShareFile uses top-of-class encryption and password protection to keep your files safe.

The cloud-based service allows you to send, share and access files and folders securely using any web browser, smartphone or tablet. If you would like to use Sharefile on your smart phone or tablet, please choose from the device/os options below.

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ShareFile Mobile

The ShareFile mobile website allows you to stay up-to-date wherever you go. Download and view files from your phone, sync folders on your iPad and send secure links to files from any device, anytime. Sharing documents has never been so easy.

To access your files (transcripts, exhibits, audio, video) from Associated login below.

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Contact us to get a password, if you do not already have one.

If you need help opening a PTX or PTZ file, click here and download the FREE viewer, you won’t have any problems opening a PTX file in the future. You will be able to word search, print and save in different formats, etc. with no problem