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Associated Reporting & Video is proud to offer our clients the best, highest-quality realtime in Idaho.  We have the most certified realtime reporters in the area.  This means we are able to turn around drafts and final transcripts quickly, cleanly, and accurately.

certified realtime services

Certified realtime reporters

A CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter) guarantees you a better court reporter. That’s the simple truth. We have the credentials, and experience, to stand out from the crowd.

You won’t find more highly credentialed court reporters anywhere in the state of Idaho. Owner Andrea Wecker’s own accomplishments set the bar high. Our reporters know the high standards they are expected to meet, and they do. At ARV, credentials matter.

Streaming Realtime (remote realtime)

Technology has evolved.

You’re familiar with on-site realtime displayed in the room on a tablet or laptop. That same realtime feed can be sent via the Internet (“streaming realtime”) so that anyone, anywhere can see the same realtime display you see on-site. Easy-to-use streaming software allows an offsite member of your team to access the spoken testimony in real time — from anywhere in the world. Co-counsel or an expert witness can monitor your deposition in real time. A high-end service available on demand from the talented professionals at Associated Reporting & Video!

Additional Court reporting services

Accurate same-day drafts

You don’t need to rely on handwritten notes scribbled during the deposition. ARV reporters can supply you a verbatim draft transcript immediately following the deposition.

Imagine getting a 99% accurate draft transcript only an hour after testimony has concluded! Need to prepare for tomorrow’s motion? Or another deposition in the case? You’ll want the draft transcript – done right, and quickly, by trained professionals. Call ARV and experience the difference.

Video/Audio Transcription

Transcripts generated from an audio recording or videotaped proceeding by an experienced professional from ARV. We have Government top-secret clearance. We understand our obligation to protect the confidentiality of your recordings.

Transcripts with linked exhibits

Hyperlinking is a technology that ARV employs to streamline your transcript review. Transcripts contain a hyperlink to each exhibit introduced. No more flipping back and forth among bulky documents. Simply click on the hyperlink and the exhibit pops up for easy reference!

To make your team’s job easier, we deliver electronic transcript files in file formats compatible with any kind of trial management software.

CART Captioning

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) allows people who are hard of hearing to fully participate in a proceeding.  A CART captioner uses her steno machine to write what’s being said, and the words appear instantly on a computer screen or tablet.  Think captions on TV!

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies what programs, services, and activities must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities, including individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Learn more at our sister company, IdaCaption.